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1L2 Viserion HighFive
Exp:50 Sp:50 Drop:25 Adena:45 image L2J
image : 8717
2L2Temida Interlude
Exp:8 Sp:8 Drop:8 Adena:6 image L2J
image : 1156
3Song of War Essence
Exp:300 Sp:300 Drop:2 Adena:3 image L2J
image : 1070
4L2 Atlas Interlude
Exp:1000 Sp:1000 Drop:1000 Adena:1000 image L2J
image : 684
5Lin2Death.com Interlude
Exp:10000 Sp:10000 Drop:1 Adena:10000 image L2J
image : 626
6L2DOOM HighFive
Exp:1 Sp:1 Drop:1 Adena:2 image L2J
image : 531
7L2XB Custom HighFive
Exp:10 Sp:10 Drop:2 Adena:2 image L2J
image : 291
8L2Exalta Interlude
Exp:50 Sp:100 Drop:1 Adena:50 image L2J
image : 278
9L2Warland.com Classic Interlude
Exp:8 Sp:8 Drop:4 Adena:4 image L2J
image : 219
10L2Rainbow Master Class
Exp:1500 Sp:1500 Drop:1 Adena:150 image L2J
image : 211
11L2Vitality Interlude
Exp:9999 Sp:9999 Drop:9999 Adena:9999 image L2J
image : 144
12L2 Prolog Multiskill HighFive
Exp:5 Sp:5 Drop:1 Adena:1 image L2J
image : 133
13L2Wondrous HighFive
Exp:25 Sp:25 Drop:20 Adena:10 image L2J
image : 111
14L2Ghostlands x4 Interlude
Exp:4 Sp:4 Drop:4 Adena:5 image L2J
image : 107
15L2Insolence HighFive
Exp:10 Sp:10 Drop:10 Adena:10 image L2J
image : 60
16L2Cripto.com - Play to Earn Interlude
Exp:1 Sp:1 Drop:1 Adena:1 image L2J
image : 47
17l2imagination HighFive
Exp:25 Sp:25 Drop:10 Adena:10 image L2J
image : 46
18Lineage2.kyiv HighFive
Exp:7 Sp:7 Drop:7 Adena:7 image L2J
image : 30
19L2Coba-ltd Interlude
Exp:450 Sp:450 Drop:1 Adena:100 image L2J
image Just open: 2024-04-21 12:12:00 GMT +0
image : 23
20L2Exoplanet HighFive
Exp:30 Sp:15 Drop:10 Adena:8 image L2J
image : 16
21L2Valkyria Interlude
Exp:45 Sp:45 Drop:1 Adena:45 image L2J
image : 14
Elmoreden World HighFive
Exp:1 Sp:1 Drop:1 Adena:1 image L2OFF

The first server in the whole world in 3 Languages 100 converted English Spanish and Russian No custom with no custom

image Coming Soon: 2024-05-10 09:17:20 GMT+0
image : 14
23L2Capitol HighFive
Exp:2000 Sp:2000 Drop:10 Adena:15 image L2J
image : 14
Exp:30 Sp:30 Drop:10 Adena:10 image L2J

Server mid rate 30x in High Five Salvation Version.

image Just open: 2024-04-19 20:00:00 GMT +0
image : 13
25L2 ISTINA x50 Fafurion
Exp:50 Sp:50 Drop:1 Adena:25 image L2J
image : 9

image image